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"iPad with broncontrol"

Connect all our lights easily with bronControl and arrange them neatly from our Ipad.
Ipad with broncontrol at studio republic bali

Everything you need to control light in one app. The bronControl app offers

photographers the possibility to control several Siros, Siros L, Scoro or LED F160

units using our IPAD. It provides several features including

Delay, Group, Synchronized Sequence, Freemask, and Alternate modes.

In enterprise mode, all flashes can be allocated to specific studios to avoid interference

from different lighting set-ups.

All the basic functions of broncolor’s Siros, Siros can be operated as soon as the Siros

Monolights is logged onto the Wi-Fi network, you can control

All the moonlights devices separately. Equipment that is difficult to access, or far

away, can be conveniently and easily set and controlled by the Broncontrol app.

Independent of the existing Wi-Fi environment, we can set up their own network. 

The app controls the functions with absolute clarity and full individual control,

e.g. several units can be united into groups, and flash

sequences synchronised. In order to reduce the already short recycling times even

further, several devices can be alternately triggered. The Freemask function makes it

possible to establish perfect masks for cropping motifs in a simple and fast way.

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