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STUDIO REPUBLIC  is fully stocked with Broncolor lighting and grip equipment.

We have enough equipment on-site for most photo shoots. Unlike most studios, we also allow you to bring in your own equipment if you choose. If we don't have what you are looking for in house, we can arrange it for you from one of our rental partners and have it ready for you at our studio at the beginning of your shoot.

STUDIO REPUBLIC has the following equipment:

3x Broncolor SIROS 800 S WIFI/RFS 2

1x Broncolor Para 177 (comes only with the 8 and 12 hours package)

1x Broncolor Octabox 75cm

1x Broncolor Octabox 150cm

1x Broncolor Softbox 60x60cm

1x Broncolor Softbox 90x120cm

1x Broncolor Softbox 30x180cm

1x Broncolor Beautybox 65cm

1x Broncolor Beauty Dish Reflector

1x Broncolor Umbrella Transparant 105 cm

1x Broncolor Standard Umbrella reflector

1x Broncolor Umbrella Transparant

3x Broncolor RFS 2.2 Transmitters (Canon, Sony)

2x Broncolor L40 Standard Reflector

1x Broncolor Honeycomb grids set (3 pieces)

3x Broncolor Junior stands

3x Standard C Stands

1x Avantgarde C Stand with Boom Arm

1x Backdrop Support System Kit

Canon Mark III body

1x VISICO LED 150t/200t

5x Sandbags

10x Apple Boxes

Paper Backdrops

Multiple Reflection Screens

5x Styrofoam Reflectors (White and Black Side)

Nespresso Creatista Plus

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