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STUDIO REPUBLIC is an independent photo and film rental studio located in Seminyak, Bali. 

It is a beautiful, versatile space that pushes the boundaries of a traditional studio by providing an unconstrained setting for photographers, videographers and filmmakers to explore and execute their creative vision.


Designed specifically for photo and video production, our unique space offers a modern, 

industrial interior in a quiet, peaceful, relaxed setting. 

Surrounded by a large, lush, tropical garden, our clients have both space and privacy to cater for virtually any type of shoot. 


STUDIO REPUBLIC is available for photo and video shoots but is also an ideal venue for press/PR events, castings, art installations or any kind of creative expression. Your clients will be impressed by the space, the creative vibe and our state of the art photographic equipment.



There is no other light that gives bodies, faces and products so much volume and plasticity. No other light is so soft and yet allows skin to glow so wonderfully naturally. The broncolor Para is the most flexible lighting system ever and it will come temporarily for free in the studio packages.

(normally average rental price per day for the Para 177 is around the $300)

Broncolor Para 177 at Studio Republic

The light quality of the broncolor Para is legendary. That’s why they call the Broncolor para “THE CHOICE OF LEGENDS”

The Para 177 immerses the whole studio in wonderful light. Even over long distances it remains soft, but without ever seeming “ flat”. The light is identical and homogenous over large spaces allowing the model to move freely and spontaneously. The photographer can even stand directly in front of the light source and vary the distance to the model without influencing the light or throwing a shadow.
You can focus to get a big amount of light.You can defocus, to get a nice 3D light.
The Para 177, one light shaper with unlimited options.

For the next coming 6 months it comes for free with the 8 hour package and the 12 hour package. 


or contact us for more info.
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